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How To Style Bedroom For Upcoming Guests

This post was sponsored by Stearns & Foster. All opinions are my own.

Do you ever wonder how to style your guest bedroom for upcoming guests? I posted about cozying your bedroom up for the New Year with a comforting Stearns & Foster mattress with it’s stylish navy hue, layering quality bedding and textures, and of course using the right lighting. These mattresses are so comfy that guests feel as if they’re sleeping in a high-end hotel room. But in addition to that, you can take these styling tips and add a little bit of style and warmth to your guest bedroom to impress your guests. Below is a list of ideas!

1. Add a faux fur blanket to the end of the bed. This will add both coziness and style to your space.

2. Display a water carafe with drinking glass on the nightstand just in case your guests get thirsty.

3. Incorporate a few different types of pillows, just in case your guests like sleeping on firm or soft.

4. Use low wattage bulbs for a warmer, moody lighting.

5. Use woodsy oil diffusers to keep your room smelling warm even when your candles aren’t lit.

By incorporating these tips you can easily add a hotel approach to your guest bedroom! Also, elevate the comfort of your space and add a Stearns & Foster mattress. Your guests may never want to leave!

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