Kirsten Grove's bathroom via Simply Grove

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Style Tip of the Week – Bathroom Counter

Style Tip of the Week - Bathroom Counter via Simply Grove

Via Nicole Franzen

Welcome back to another Style Tip of the Week! This week we are focusingĀ on the bathroom, and morse specifically the bathroom counter. The bathroom counter is the perfect spot to place your favorite pretty products and flowers. Let me show you how!

Style Tip of the Week - Bathroom Counter via Simply Grove

Via Simply Grove Post Filling My Bathroom With Beauty


Let me start by saying that trays are a must for pretty much every room of the house! They can easily bring order and organization to all of your pretty objects. So, let’s start with a tray. From there, fill it with your most favorite bottles and ceramics. I like to pick bottles that all are in the same color family. That can bring cohesiveness. From there, add a small plant or smaller flowers. And then add a small dish for your rings or just for looks. Also, tea towels are the perfect option for a hand towel. You can find pretty colors and patterns to add texture to your bathroom. Styling a bathroom is actually quite easy!

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  1. It’s been my observation that no matter how much I work to make my bathroom counter look nice, it’s only a matter of days until it’s completely wrecked again. Such is life with kids…