Styling My Coffee Table…

It seems like I’m always looking for the best and easiest way to style my coffee table. Most of them time it gets messed up with new magazines, drinks, homework and other daily projects. But when I’m hosting people at my house, I always like to create a pretty vignette on my coffee table. Right now I have a few simple pieces on display.

A white tray hosts a mercury glass vase, a plant stored in a bubbled milk glass vase and my favorite candle by Christian Tortu.

I have a vintage dome cheese dish displayed next to the white tray. I had a few air plants inside the dome but they perished a few days ago. I also have the December issue of ELLE Decoration on my table. It’s the perfect winter issue!

Of course I firmly believe in fresh flowers to add some pretty life to your home. Right now I love using white flowers around the house. They are simple and wintery.

Happy coffee table styling!

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Comments (7)

  1. This is lovely! especially the fresh flowers. I wish our coffee table was this tidy and clutter free, Ours is usually full of yarn scraps and knitting needles! Such a wonderful job 🙂

  2. I like simple. I have a heap of mags that needs whittling down but one on its own is good 😉

  3. I’ve missed this blog!!!! What is my deal!!!! So inspiring!! So good Kirst! The only goo thing about my absence is to see all the wondeful content since my last visit!!

  4. Hi there, love your styling! Do you know of anywhere to get a fun marble top coffee table? Looking for one…thanks! Love your blog