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I Styled My Patio for Warm Weather

Yesterday I posted an IGTV showing how I styled my patio and got it ready for the warm weather that has fallen upon us. Hallelujah! I’m excited to start living outside more. Boise is magical in the spring/summer and it’s time to enjoy it!

Also, I just realized that I never blogged about the big change our patio underwent last summer! When we first bought the house in 2016, we quickly painted the exterior wood, white and exterior brick, black. It changed the look drastically, as you can see here. Last year we decided to finally address the worn concrete floor and we covered it in Bedrosians Vivace 9″ x 9″ Decorative Tile in Caviar Roads. It took Shane almost 50 hours to finish it, but the outcome was worth it all! I get asked more about these floors than anything else in my home. They have become the show stopper. Ok, now on to styling.

Keep reading to see how I quickly styled the space to fit our needs.

TI love filling my patio with potted plants, but because it gets cold here in Boise during the winter months, I have to take all of my plants indoors. So the first order of business was bringing them all back outside, including that giant bird of paradise. I also repotted most of the plants just to give them a fresh start.

Next I rearranged the furniture, making a large conversational setting for when people come over. In the middle I have both a coffee table and fire pit. (All products are linked at the end of this post.) I love having both for those cozy, cool nights.

After I created my ideal arrangement, I added a simple pillow and throw blanket in a neutral tone. It added the perfect amount of coziness and texture to the space. Also, you’re probably drooling over the white upholstered furniture pieces. Leave it to the Novogratz to create patio perfection!

When I style outdoor tables, I use a mix of ceramics, plants and wood pieces. I love using natural products to help set the tone outside. For furniture, I prefer mixing metals with wicker. Too much metal can be harsh, so mixing wicker softens it up.

We have an outdoor kitchen situation, but it still needs to be updated from 1957. We don’t use it much, except for displaying foods and snacks when guests are over. When I’m not entertaining, I display plants and ceramics. You may also notice that our air fryer is on the counter. That’s because my husband loves cooking brussels sprouts in it and it stinks my house up…:)

Below are all products linked.

Novogratz Teddi Chairs and Sofa and Coffee Table

Wicker Sofa (similar)

Target Fire Pit (similar)

Bedrosians Porcelain Floor Tile

Hunter Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Pillow (similar)

Large Planter (similar)

Black Paint- Benjamin Moore Black Ink

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  1. Woahhhh!!! I’m excited about the idea of getting crafty in order to make my patio season as comfortable and cheerful as it can possibly be!