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The Need for Bookcases

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If you don’t have a bookcase in your home, you may be missing out on many styling opportunities. They allow for much needed storage, an opportunity to style your beloved books and a way to display other knick knack and magazines. They also are great space users, meaning they fill up space nicely, but they are not waisted space. I have a few bookshelves in my home that house anything from books to ceramics.  Simple and clean simple and clean bookcases leave so much opportunity for styling, which is key when incorporating a bookcase in your home.

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It can be hard to keep a bookcase not full of stuff. In fact, bookcases are a hoarders dream! And honestly, you can fill a bookcase to the brim and get away with it, but I’d advice to scale down and create a more edited look. How, you ask? Well I’m glad you asked!

  1. Start with large books and magazines first. They can act as an anchor to your shelves.
  2. Stacking vs leaning. Either works, and in fact you could do a combination of both.
  3. Color coordinated vs random colors. Again, both work great. Color coordinated definitely gives a very structured look.
  4. Create vignettes between books. You can easily break up the look of your shelves by displaying vignettes, using ceramics, pictures and other items.
  5. Display the front of a few books that are just too pretty to hide and the rest turn so you can only see the binding.

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Also, if you have stuff that you don’t want seen but you have to incorporate, use baskets in the shelves. They can hide everything that is not worth displaying! Baskets are every mom’s best friend. They can hide diapers, toys and so much more.



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