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The sun is shining! (At least it is over here.)

Yesterday is behind us and the new week has begun and what a lovely week it is going to be! Here are a few images from Mark Lund (via Ruby) that are quite cheery to begin this new week with.
Remember when I asked you what I should do with the cute paper that I bought and didn’t quite know what to do? Well, you gave me some great ideas.
I loved the mobile idea from Tal. Such a cute way to display all of the patterns. The covered letter idea from Smyrna Townie would look adorable in my playroom. {J} suggested a lovely idea including the instructions to make paper frames. ( I never expect anything less then creatively perfect from {J}.) Priscilla suggested my hubby do something with it to add texture in his art and maybe give it away in the next SG giveaway. (Not a bad idea!) Elizabeth gave me a few splendid ideas including covering drawer fronts, making envelopes and or using them as backdrops for an inspiration board. (I LOVE the drawer idea. The butterflies would look perfect.) I knew that I would get some fab ideas from all of you. Now I really don’t know what to do. I might just have to try all of these ideas!

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  1. Tnanks for stopping by! You can add me to your long list of readers 😉 Your blog is filled with lovely ideas & inspirations! Have a great week.