They’ve Got Style…

One passion I have in life is dressing my kids. Both are extremely willing to try new outfits and both love fashion. Thank you Jesus! Right now I have serious love for a few clothing sites, including MUNKSTOWN, My Little Square and Wintery Water Factory. Here are a few outfits from each site that my kids have been calling their winter wardrobes.

Ethan is rocking the circle pink tee from MUNKSTOWN.  He also has the triangle green tee that he wears constantly!

Eden Jo and Ethan are rocking Wintery Water Factory this winter. Eden loves her Aurora dress and Ethan looks cozy cool in his Pirate Ship tee.

Ethan is staying warm and looking cool in his Dandy Star Bomber Eagle Jacket from My Little Square. I seriously cannot get enough of this site!!

Shop My Little Square, Wintery Water Factory and MUNKSTOWN for some cool holiday threads and great gift ideas!

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