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Daily my email is full of amazing items from all over the world. I don’t have enough time in my week to promote everything, but once in awhile I need to give some very notable shout outs. Here are some of my favorite new products for 2015.

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Throws and Pillows from DittoHouse:

This bold collection is perfect for both adult and child spaces. I’m loving the polar bear throw. Add the colorful pillows to your space for a fun pop of personality! This collection offers a selection of cozy, machine-washable pillows and blankets in playful patterns and bold color stories. The yarns in the products are made from recycled cotton; cotton that would’ve ended up in a landfill that has been expertly re-fiberized and spun into new yarns.

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Rugs from Oliver Yaphe:

I will take all of these, please! This handmade modern rug collection is seriously my new favorite source for rugs! I’m smitten over the color palettes and patterns. You will find recycled kilims, hand-woven rugs from Turkey and India, hand-knotted rugs in silk with wool, hand-knotted rug in engraved wool and much much more.

Dodo Les Bobos via simply grove

Furniture and accessories for babies and children from Dodo Les Bobos.

Dodo Les Bobos, a charming store in NYC, specializes in contemporary design furniture and accessories for babies and children, has a new Winter look book and will be launching an e-commerce site next month. The owner of Dodo Les Bobos, Sasso Sidi Said, is also an interior decorator who provides consultation services.

Fireclay Tile via simply grove

Hand-painted Moroccan tiles from Fireclay Tile.

New for 2015, Fireclay has simplified tile shopping by offering free design assistance to their customers (online) with the ability to contact in-house consultants by chat or phone. The perks include a free google sketch-up rendering and up to 5 free samplings. Amazing!

Frank & Albert via simply grove

Hand picked vintage items from Frankie + Albert.

This six month subscription service gets you hand picked vintage items that are delivered directly to your door! The Frankie + Albert team curated thousands of objects from flea markets and antique shops across the US choosing the best of the best. The site is now open for a six-month pop-up shop that allows people to fill out a short questionnaire about their design preferences and then have hand-picked vintage items arrive at their doorstep monthly. If you receive something you don’t like, you can log on and join the online swap meet to trade with other subscribers.

Sian Zeng via simply grove

Imaginative Wallpaper from Sian Zeng.

This new wallpaper collection captures the ethereal beauty of the changing seasons in bold, dramatic designs that will immerse your home with the wonder of each season. Beautifully detailed, wide width wallpapers bring the seasons to life with an artistic mural like feel. I dig it!

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