High & Mighty Tool Free via Simply Grove


Tool Free Wall Hanging Kit

High & Mighty Tool Free via Simply Grove

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve used a hammer in my new home, I’d be really really rich! Seriously though, I am constantly moving art around. I really do believe that you need to live in a home for a bit to experience how you want to decorate long term. For me, I am the most indecisive about art placement. I need to see a wall for awhile to really know what I want. In the meantime, pieces are going up every other day. Yes, I have a problem. But you know what has practically helped me?? High & Mighty!

What is High & Mighty, you may ask? High & Mighty is tool-free wall hanging hardware and hooks. It’s SO EASY! Designed to be stuck up, High & Mighty aims to eliminate the barrier between inspiration and installation. They make home décor accessible, easy and fun, which has ALWAYS been my mantra. Three simple step is all you need. Place, push and hang. That’s it, folks. 

You see above that I have a wall in my kitchen that I’ve displayed several different art options over the last few months. I recently tried this Poster Club piece in that space and knew right away that it’s a keeper! I love the abstract design of this print.

High & Mighty Tool Free via Simply Grove

To get started, I chose the 20 pound wall hangers. These silver hooks are perfect for smaller framed pictures, canvases and mirrors.

High & Mighty Tool Free via Simply Grove

I chose the placement, measured to make sure that I was even on both sides and used my thumbs to push the hooks into the wall. Easy as that!!

High & Mighty Tool Free via Simply Grove

I love that I don’t need to search all over for my hammer. All I need is my thumbs!!

High & Mighty Tool Free via Simply Grove

This whole process took maybe 5 minutes. Easy peasy.

High & Mighty Tool Free via Simply Grove

High & Mighty also 40lb, 60lb, 85lb and even 125lb pound! I have a really large mirror that is my next hanging project, and now it’s made easy for me. Thank you, High & Mighty!

Tool Free hanging kit

This post is sponsored by High & Mighty. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Well, aren’t these a life saver! What a perfect way to make hanging that much easier!

    I must admit, I always shied away from putting up photos or art because the whole hanging process can be such a pain! So thank you for sharing this option Kirsten 🙂

    I’ve just checked, and it looks like I can get these on Amazon UK too which is great! Could you let us know how hanging your larger mirror goes?

    Also, what is the chance that in a month the same piece of artwork will still be on this wall? 😛