Unexpected Flooring Options via Simply Grove


Unexpected Flooring Options

Unexpected Flooring Options via Simply Grove

Image: Domino

I will always be a fan of traditional wood flooring, always. It’s classic, beautiful, and it provides lots of warmth and texture with its natural grain. And who doesn’t love the creak of an old wooden floor beneath their feet? Honestly, it only gets better with age.

But sometimes a little change is good. And with the huge variety of flooring available these days, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. Whether it’s a bold tile pattern in the bathroom or smooth concrete floors in the kitchen, there are plenty of ways to change things up from the norm…

Unexpected Flooring Options via Simply Grove

Image: Lean Timms

Can I just gush for a moment about polished concrete floors? Seriously crushing on them. They’re tough-as-nails, super easy to clean, and they always make any space feel instantly modern.

Unexpected Flooring Options via Simply Grove

Image: Suzy Hoodless

The world needs more home libraries. Specifically ones with black built-in bookshelves and Moroccan tile floors. I mean…c’mon.

Unexpected Flooring Options via Simply Grove

Image: Bungalow Classic

Have you guys seen the long rectangular tiles that are made to mimic the appearance of wood planks? To be honest, I wasn’t completely sold on these in the beginning but the concept is starting to grow on me. Especially if it’s laid in this beautiful herringbone pattern.

Unexpected Flooring Options via Simply Grove

Image: Elle Denmark

Brick floors! Where have you been all my life? I know, maybe not the easiest thing to clean with those deeper grout lines, but you have to admit it’s gorgeous. Like something you would find in an old Italian hotel.

Unexpected Flooring Options via Simply Grove

Image: Bo Bedre

Ok, so I did throw in one wood floor. But, in my defense, it’s one that’s not very common. Whitewashed wood floors are definitely on my favorites list. I love the minimalist feel, but it’s not too white. And there’s just enough of that lovely grain peeking through. Dreamy.

Mindy Bucklew/ SG Contributor

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  1. I also love wood floors and have always wanted an older home with creaky floors. I have been looking for a durable floor for my first floor. We have laminate and it has warped and scratched over time. My husband has a huge salt water aquarium in the living room and we also have dogs. Vinyl plank tile is an option and they have varieties that look like the real thing. I have considered pulling up the damaged floor and just painting the concrete subfloor but our home is more country style, not modern. Decisions decisions!