Who has a yellow door?

Today in Boise it is supposed to reach 99 degrees.  Wowzer!!  You will find my family and I at the pool.

Btw, I love yellow doors.  Love!  Do any of you have a yellow door?  Interior or exterior?

image via here, here, unknown, unkown and here.

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Comments (27)

  1. No, I have a blue/gray exterior door ( fine paints of Europe) and 4 interior red doors in my tiny hallway. But these yellows are brilliant!

  2. Love them! I’ve been trying to convince the hubby that we need a bright yellow door in the back (and a bright red one on the front) but he says he can’t “picture it”. After I show him these he’ll have no excuse to not love it!

  3. We just painted our house black and white (here’s a photo http://blog.makoollovesyou.com/?p=2129) I’ve been considering a yellow door, and that top photo has made up my mind, thank you. Also, funny thing… I just used that exact photo of the barn door yesterday to show my contractor what I want for my studio door.

  4. I wish I had a yellow door! I’ve always loved the exterior in the first photo, sadly my HOA would have a major fit if we strayed from anything other than beige.

  5. WOW this post is simply delish! We grew up w a red front door and a bronze pinapple door knocker! All quite hospitable!

  6. Not yet, but I’ve been scouring the Internet for inspiration. We’re in the middle of repainting the exterior of our house and the perfect yellow door is imminent! Thanks for these great pics!

  7. Love yellow doors. Love them. I’ve had many of those same photos bookmarked for some time. Alas, my tannish-orange brick will not allow for yellow anything. Perhaps a yellow interior door?

  8. I have a yellow door!
    I need to buff up my accessories on my front porch. I’m thinking about adding an outdoor rug and a bench of some sort…any ideas? I do have red lanterns hanging, a big black flowerpot and wash tub with a “peace” Lilly. I have a super cute black and white striped table in the entry so I want it to be just as fun on the porch.

  9. I don’t have a yellow door but the people that live in my old house painted it lime green! =O

  10. This will be my first Christmas with my yellow front door. Suggestions for decorating it?