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Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

Hi, friends! It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged. Between a plethora of design clients and being a mom, it’s been a pretty hectic month. But I am back, and I’m back to talk about my new hardwood obsession. Carlisle Wide Plank Floors have just released their newest collection, Tranquil, and it’s stunning!

The world is definitely feeling a little overwhelmed right now. We’re seeing uncertainty and constant change, which is making it harder every day to find tranquility. That’s why Carlisle decided to develop the Tranquil Collection – to offer a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The warm organic character of the timber is carefully maintained by their craftsmen, which lets the natural patterning come through. Layered over the story of each timber are six subtle matte finishes that give the floors the look of a naturally aged material. Just imagine stepping into your space and feeling an immediate sense of calm from these beautiful floors.

Wide plank floors can complement more modern homes, but they also look great in transitional and traditional spaces. Since wide plank wood has fewer seams than narrower plank floors, they can really open up a space and make it look and feel larger. The wider widths also bring out the natural beauty of the timber and its grain pattern. Carlisle’s team of artisans handcrafts each floor, carefully selecting each plank, and over 24 pairs of hands touch every board before the floor is complete. Pretty impressive!

The wood comes from the heartwood (inner portion of the tree), which makes it very strong and durable – and it’s sustainably sourced from trees in the Northern U.S. near the end of their natural life.

More of us are thinking not only about the aesthetics inside our homes, but also our overall well-being. Using natural and authentic materials such as wood for interior surfaces and flooring is a great way to bring a connection to nature into spaces. And, don’t forget about incorporating elements such as natural light, decluttering living areas and paying attention to indoor air quality. It’s all about feeling completely “at home.”

As a designer, I am all in for this one. And I will be letting my clients know asap.

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